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Dressing and Steaming is our signature package where we look after you and your Bridal Party from steaming your Gown and dresses all the way through to ensuring that your look picture perfect at the top of the Aisle.

Dressed by Christine will arrive at your chosen Venue, check all the garments to be steamed, and will then discuss the timeline and confirm the ‘ready by time’ with the Bride.

Your Gown along with a veil will be the first to be steamed followed by any other outfits that have been included in the booking. All garments will then be hung ready for Dressing and shoes will be checked and placed near your Gown and Dresses.

Dressing of Mother of the Bride and/or Mother of the Groom usually takes place first followed by Bridesmaid(s) and then Flowergirl(s). Meanwhile, if your Bouquets have been in water, we dry the stems and check for any that may catch on the material of your Gown.

Finally, we dress the Bride. We assist you at every stage from underskirt, buttons, adjusting garters, tying corset backs, to putting your shoes and jewellery on. If you have a large Bridal Party we suggest that, where possible, the Bride is given this time on her own.


If you are being married at the Venue, we will also accompany you to the Ceremony Room to ensure you are picture perfect for your walk down the aisle.

You'll be amazed at the transformation. With our help, you'll be ready to shine like a star and

make a lasting impression on your big day!


Dressed by Christine offer a Bridal Dress Steaming Service at your Venue. You will be surprised what a difference an extra steaming can make to the look and feel to your Gown!


This can be booked for either the day before your wedding or on the Big Day. If you have travelled a distance to your wedding venue it can be difficult to stop your Gown creasing, even more so if it has been in its protective cover for months. Cost may vary depending on the complexity and style of material, but this service is available for all your Bridal Party’s’ outfits.

All the garments will be hung ready for you to dress yourself.

Don’t forget that we also offer steaming for the members of your Wedding Party. Suits and Shirts can also be as crushed upon arrival at your Venue.

Dressed by Christine can also provide steam only the night before.



Dressed by Christine provide a ‘white glove’ Bridal Dressing Service. We aim to give a you a stress-free experience so you can relax with your Bridal Party and enjoy your Wedding Day.


You will receive the same level of service as our signature package (minus the steaming) from our arrival at your Venue, right through to the aisle!


Don't leave your men folk out on your big day! Dressed by Christine, can offer a Final Flourish Service to have your groom and his men looking sharp and picture perfect.

Suit Service:

We'll steam their suits and shirts, and pop in buttonholes for your main man, his groomsmen, and the fathers of the bride and groom.

Kilt Help:

We'll make sure the sporran is in the right spot, socks are straight and the right length, and that the plaid is attached like a pro. And, of course, the laces will be tied to perfection.

We'll have everyone looking as good as the bride and her squad, from head to toe.


1. Fill in our quote form and we’ll be in touch with your bespoke quote!

2. Once you have accepted our quote, we ask for a £50 booking fee to secure your date. We are happy for Brides to pay the balance in either instalments or in a lump sum, although the full payment must be made at least 2 weeks prior to your Wedding.

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